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▶ 10% off any purchase at the CHS bookstore
▶ Participation in the Time Travelers reciprocal program with access to over 300 historic organizations across the country
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We are also pleased to offer a choice of one free book from a selection curated by CHS staff in collaboration with Heyday Books.

Through our relationship with UC Press, CHS members can also receive a 40% discount off individual subscriptions to California History, available online through University of California Press.

*One guest entry per household membership per event.
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    1. Rebel Lawyer: Wayne Collins and the Defense of Japanese American Rights
    Winner of the 2017 CHS Book Award
    Rebel Lawyer tells the story of the key cases pertaining to the World War II incarceration of 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry and the trial attorney who defended them.

    2. The City of Vines: A History of Wine in Los Angeles
    Winner of the 2016 CHS Book Award
    With incisive analysis and a touch of dry humor, The City of Vines chronicles winemaking in Los Angeles from its beginnings in the late eighteenth century through its decline in the 1950s.

    3. Under Spring: Voices + Art + Los Angeles
    Winner of the 2013 CHS Book Award
    From homeless encampment and gang territory buffer zone to a public space for artists and the community, the unlikely history of an ordinary underpass reveals the metamorphosis of LA itself. Chronicling the changes as seen by the people who lived through it.

    4. Game Changers: Twelve Elections That Transformed California
    Winner of the 2014 CHS Book Award
    Examining twelve elections that changed California forever. Drawing from a wealth of primary sources, each chapter explores one election, revealing the forces behind the choices made at the polls and the consequences that carry over to this day.

    5. Fred Korematsu Speaks Up
    The story of Fred Korematsu’s fight against discrimination explores the life of one courageous person who made the United States a fairer place for all Americans, and it encourages all of us to speak up for justice.

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    *Books are available for membership benefit only. Books not available for purchase thru website.

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